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The Causes & Treatments for a Frozen Shoulder

If you’re wondering what is a frozen shoulder then you’re probably having pain ranging from mild to extremely severe within your shoulder and arm. A frozen shoulder is a condition in which connective tissues around the glen humeral shoulder joint and the shoulder capsule become stiff, inflamed and experience restricted motion. These lead to chronic pain around the shoulder region. The condition may also be referred to as adhesive capsulitis. What is a frozen shoulder and what causes it are some of the questions that many people have. Well not any more… Throughout this article, the causes, symptoms as well as curative measures for this condition will be discussed.

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An Overview for the Causes of Shoulder And Arm Pain

Arm pain usually has a simple cause of injury or overuse. If your pain began quite quickly and isn’t too intense then you might want to try a few simple methods to see if you can alleviate the ache yourself. An ice pack can be great for reducing localised inflammation, whereas a hot pack can help to reduce stiffness. Over the counter medications and drugs are also effective in cases where your shoulder or arm pain isn’t that intense.

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