A Sudden Pain In Your Left Shoulder May Be Symptomatic of a Heart Attack

Left shoulder pain usually occurs on account of injury or sometimes disease. Shoulder pain can occur when the joint is forced out of its normal position. The shoulder joint is the area where shoulder blades and collar bones are connected. Pain that is more concentrated towards your left shoulder may also be caused by the muscles rubbing against the shoulder bone usually from irritation and swelling. Most commonly it can be triggered by painting walls, lifting heavy weights or suitcases, or repetitive athletic motions. However such pain can be symptomatic for other disease conditions as well. Here are few causes for pain in the left shoulder.

An injury to the ligament, tendons or bursae surrounding the shoulder joint can cause pain in the left side. Other causes include Labrum Tear, Shoulder Dislocation, Brachial Plexus Injury, Bone Tumor, Septic Arthritis, Sprain, Fracture of the Scapula and Tendonitis.

Subluxation of Shoulder

This image from Washington University shows the sub-luxation or dislocation of a shoulder joint.

The four most common problem associated with this type of pain is overuse, instability, subluxation and arthritis degeneration. Sub-luxation is the partial dislocation of the joint in the left shoulder and instability is the condition when the left joint has more movement than it should do.

Any injury to the rotator cuff muscles that gives a vital support to the shoulder can also cause pain in the left shoulder. This condition is called Rotator Cuff syndrome and it causes pain at the upper back – making pushing, reaching, pulling and overhead motions very painful indeed. Conditions such as bursitis, shingles, angina, lung cancer and arthritis can cause the pain in left shoulder.

A sudden pain in left shoulder and arm accompanied by shortness of breath, tightness of chest or pain in the jaw could be a symptom of heart attack or a problem associated with the spinal region and nerves in the left shoulder joint. Sometimes a person may feel a pain in the left shoulder when he/she awakes up. This is commonly caused by cuff injury due to the wrong sort of rolling act or movement in the bed.

Treatment of Left Shoulder Pain

Take rest and avoid excessive movement of the left hand that can put pressure on the left shoulder joint and cause more serious injuries. Mild stretching of the left shoulder can prevent the muscles from getting too stiff. You can also do gentle arm and shoulder exercises that will strengthen atrophied muscles and promote restoration and growth. It also gives stability between the sore muscles.

Use of hot and cold pack help to stimulate the healing by increasing the blood flow into the shoulder area. Also using the cold pack around the left shoulder after mild exercise can reduce pain and swelling and allow the body to heal quickly.

In the case of serious inflammatory condition or diseases, medication is given to ease pain, slow bone loss, relieve inflammation or prevent left joint damage. The medication used in treatment largely depends on the form of disease you have. The most commonly used medications are Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, Analgesics, Corticosteroids, Osteoporosis medications etc..

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