Shoulder Pain Exercises Can Give You Lasting Relief

Before we start with our list of exercises to help your neck and shoulder pain, please consult your medical practitioner to ensure that these are suitable prior to commencing any kind of new workout / exercise regime. Ok disclaimer over, here are some exercises for you…

Shoulder pain can be extremely painful affecting normal daily functions and causing disturbed sleep. Simple workouts can help alleviate shoulder pain as a result of everyday activities. The majority of individuals who have shoulder pain experience a significant improvement in their health after engaging in regular exercise programs. Even athletes who have sports related injuries need to go through rehabilitation programs wherein they are asked to do a set of workouts so as to make injured muscles get stronger as well as facilitate recovery. Here are some highly recommended and least complicated shoulder pain exercises.

Assisted Flexion

This exercise is an excellent way to improve weakened shoulder movement. First, lie on your back, and after that your hands should be joined together with the elbow straight. Next, raise your arms slowly; making sure that your elbow remains straight. Continue moving your arm till it is completely above your head. The assisted flexion exercise has a stretching effect and works to decrease the stiffness at the shoulder joint. This arms movement should be repeated eight to ten times or as long as you can without strain.

Pendulum Shoulder Workout

Start this workout by leaning forward at your waist in such a manner that your back forms an angle of ninety degrees with your legs. Rest your healthy arm on a chair. Next, with the injured arm hanging freely, swing it to and from like a pendulum. This should be done ten times, and after that change to another movement which involves moving the arm that is injured in a circular manner. Move your hand in either a clockwise or counter clockwise direction. some patients perform these exercises while holding a weight (a lightweight of about two pounds). At the start, you may find it uncomfortable holding the weight however with time and as the pain reduces; you will have no problem using the weight.

Shoulder Active Abduction Exercise

With your elbows straight and palm facing your body, raise your arm sideways. Once your arm forms an angle of ninety degrees with the body, stop raising it. Maintain this position for some seconds before you move your arm down to its initial position. This should be repeated three times per workout session, and you should do 3 sessions per day to reduce shoulder pain.

‘Hand Behind Back’ Stretch

As indicated by the name, this workout has to do with touching your back with your hand. Even though this exercise is quite easy for an arm that is not injured, it is quite difficult for a wounded shoulder. First, with your palm facing away from the body and your elbow bent, place your hand on your back. While in that position, try lifting your hand upwards to the greatest extent possible. Maintain this position for approximately five seconds and then gradually return to your initial position. This should be repeated ten times per workout session and you should do two sessions per day.

Rotator Cuff Workouts

The rotator cuff is a set of tendons and muscles that connect to the bones of the shoulder joint and allows the shoulder to move 360 degrees. Rotator cuff injury is the cause of most shoulder pain. An exercise program can be used to improve blood flow in these muscles, thus helping to lessen the pain.

The workouts described below should be performed slowly and you need to hold light weights.

Arm Swing

Do this exercise while standing. Straighten your arms while holding some amount of weights. Lift your right arm, till it forms an angle of forty five degrees with the body. Keep the weight at this level. Next, lower your arm gradually. Repeat this workout as many times as you can without strain.

Forearm Swing Exercise

Lie on your tummy, on a table or a bed. With the elbow bent, position the wounded arm in such a manner that it forms a 90-degree angle with the shoulder. Bring the hand down. Try to lift up your hand gradually to the shoulder level. Next, lower the affected arm gradually. This procedure should be repeated till you feel tired.

On the whole, alleviating should pain as a result of injury is quite easy if shoulder pain exercises are performed regularly and in an appropriate way. They are certainly a simple way to get lasting relief for shoulder pain.

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